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Marie Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Marie Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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This is a classic bohemian Chandra piece.  Perfect to wear on it's own or make a statement stacking with the Monet necklace.


Lapis Lazuli + brass Rajasthani beads. 


Queens like Cleopatra, priests and pharaohs like King Tutankhamen have forever turned to the beautiful blue hues of Lapis Lazuli in jewelry, it's not hard to understand why. This stone is a showstopper and even healing properties aside, it looks absolutely glorious when worn around the neck, wrist or slipped upon the finger. The stone is beautifully complemented by gold which helps to mirror the flecks of Pyrite caught between the shades of blue.

Jewelry is one of the best ways to wear Lapis Lazuli and indeed, any healing stone.  Lapis is connected to the throat chakra, communication and speaking our truth. 


15 inch lenght  + 3 inch adjustable 

  • This piece has been "vintage" treated.

    It may have marks, scratches or discolouration. Feel free to use a touch of lemon  to soften the effects of this treatment but please know this before buying that no piece is perfect and each is unique, that is the the beauty of our vintage treated pieces.


  • Our Return Policy

    -Contact Chandra Collections before returning any items.

    -You can return the product within 5 days of delivery.

    -The product must be in new condition.

    -To avoid any Customs charges please clearly mark the package 'RETURNED GOODS'.

    -Want to switch to another size of the same product? You can do that, just contact us.

    -Want to switch to another product? You can do that, just contact us.

    -If a package is unclaimed you might have to pay a handling fee.

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