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Von Pyrite ring

Von Pyrite ring

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This ring is an ancient inspired design.

It holds 2 raw pieces of pyrite to compliment its timeless look.

22k gold plated over polished brass + Pyrite

Pyrite is the crystal of protection, offering an energetic shield that safeguards your mind, body and spirit against negative forces. The pyrite stone brings energetic shelter as well as motion to old, stagnant thoughts and patterns.

Being around this metallic gem will enable you to pursue your dreams without being fettered by people or vibrations that bring you down. Pyrite loves to unblock stagnant energy, and always aims to defend you against darkness.

Having a pyrite crystal nearby can also support you in manifesting financial abundance. Dubbed “Fool’s Gold”, pyrite may not be gold itself, but it knows how to help you attract the wealth you deserve.

  • This piece has been "vintage" treated.

    It may have marks, scratches or discolouration. Feel free to use a touch of lemon  to soften the effects of this treatment but please know this before buying that no piece is perfect and each is unique, that is the the beauty of our vintage treated pieces.

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