The Mala Collection

Inspired by the beautiful island of Bali, Julia journeyed back to India, Rajasthan with her heart set into hand making a collection with Rudraksha seeds        (Shiva tears) and semi precious stones. Where she would blessed the beads at Brahma and Shiva temple;

 Brahma the creator and Shiva the destroyer would be a part of this then necklace people would carry around their neck and count the beads ceiling the energy in their meditation practice. 


As Julia's biggest believes in life is intention, she intentionally handcrafted these unique pieces. 

Mala necklaces are made with 108 beads used with mantra in a meditation practice. 

In the yogic tradition, there are 108 Upanishads (the sacred texts), 108 sacred sites throughout India, and 108 marma points, which are the sacred sites of the body. 

One Hindu legend says that once Lord Shiva opened His eyes after a long period yogic meditation, and because of strong feelings He shed a tear. This single tearfrom Shiva's eye grew into the rudraksha tree. It is believed that by wearing the Rudraksha bead one will have the protection of Lord Shiva. 

Each gemstone also has a healing property believed to attract each person  according with what they need at that time.